Themed Events

Themes: The list of themed possibilities is endless, whatever your choice, you can be sure that your theme will add magic and drama to your event which will be fashioned with a subtle flair and elegance that sets it apart from the rest. Listed Below are just a few popular themes :

Nobody does it better. Images of our latest Bond Function found in the picture gallery, Black and White Theme, Bond themed props, Bond Silhouettes, Bond Music, Bond and Villian lookalikes, Stunt Act, Shirley Bassey style singer. Vegas Style Casino. A guaranteed Bond masterpiece production. Its all about the Style, Sophistication and Suspense.



The Great Gatsby is all about excess. There is an extravagance at its centre, it's part of the '20s, dazzling and elegant and daring and strange, but always quite beautiful, like the first sip of champagne. Balloons were popular, and a great novelty at the time. the pale, translucent, silvery balloons represent bubbles of champagne … Singers, dancers, swelling music, waiters with giant bottles of champagne,  fireworks, glittering jewellery and hundreds of well-dressed guests in beautifully designed costumes  having the time of their lives


Carnival – Carribean Carnivals are all about vivid colours, exciting music, Brazillian samba dancers, a samba steel band, Stilt walkers, carnival themed acts, fabulous lighting and bar with mixologists mixing exciting cocktails, the perfect recipe for a fun filled party




Masquerade Ball – If you are looking for an evening of elegance, pomp, fantasy and enchantment then this is the theme for you. The ambiance is a palace in Venice facing the Grand canal.  We will create a Grand traditional Gala Dinner, waiters in black tie. The  choice of entertainment is endless from  living statues in venetian masks to stilt walkers, opera singers, stilt walkers, circus acts.  The masked guests dressed in elegant ball gowns and black tie. Its all about grandeur , drama and fantasy.





Arabian Nights – Vibrant Colours, Lanterns, Draping, Bedouin Tents combined with Lanterns, Colourful floor cushions, scintillating belly dancers, Middle Eastern music and food. This exciting exotic theme offers a lot of eastern mystique







African Safari – We capture the excitement of the African safari with the beat of the African drums, fabulous decor in animal theme prints, backdrops, fabulous lighting and themed entertainment. West African Drum and Dance Troupes, Tanzanian Acrobatic Group. A evening that is Wild and Exhillirating.





A Night at the Moulin Rouge will whisk you to Bohemian Paris for a extravaganza of music, dance and laughter, a particularly rich cultural exuberance epitomising the spirit of progress along with the culturally transgressive cabaret , an artistic movement Japonism inspired by the Orient, festivities and artists mixed, with pleasure and beauty as their values. You can experience a Festive champagne evening where guests dance and and are entertained with cabaret acts in scintillating costumes,  Can-can cancers and extravagant shows, inspired by the circus



Winter Wonderland – A Magical, magnificent experience where you are whisked away into a enchanting world of twinkling lights, a frosty ambience of cool blues and wintery whites, you will be entertained by Acrobating Ice Statues, The Crystal Ice Queen.  If you like bling, this is the perfect setting for crystals, diamonds and glitter.






Fire & Ice – Cystals, Diamonds and Glitter combined with Fiery Reds. Sizzling entertainment , Fire Acts and Light Shows. If you can’t take the heat, you can always find sanctuary  by the Ice Bar or Vodka Luge!







The 1970s is a fun theme.  All about Disco Fever, Disco Balls, 70s Silhouettes, Silk Flames, Smoke Machines,, Music, Costumers set the stage for a 70s Disco  . Party. Not to forget 70s DJ and Music, Boogie Disco Band